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Project ongoing! our XI edition, under the artistic direction of Marco Antonio Pani, will be dedicated to Colombian cinematography:

here is a second clip with one of our future guests, Colombian filmmaker Carlos Tribiño Mamby: others will follow in the coming weeks

Slider: photos by Alejandro Vallejo, DoP, from 'El silencio del rìo ' by Carlos Tribiño Mamby (Colombia, 2015): actors Victoria Hernández and Hernán Méndez; actor Hernán Méndez

and check our latest blog posts :
our team brings us photos and stories from other film festivals in Europe


Starting tomorrow: BOGOSHORTS festival directed by Jaime E. Manrique, future guest of our 11th edition

locandine mini

Colombia, el río / su riu: the new Colombian cinema and the river, by Marco Antonio Pani

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